3 Down 4 to go~I can do this!

Friday, October 29, 2010

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 Friday, May 1, 2009 12:56 PM, EDT
So I am at the end of week 3! 4 more weeks to go! Gosh these doctors know their stuff: "week 3 you will start to feel the local effects~sores,blisters,skin peeling,sunburn,uncomfortable to sit or lay down." Oh yes, they were right on! My mouth has started to heal and I have managed to eat and talk normal today but the sores and pain has just moved out of there and has taken up residency in another area-oh do I have to say the word??? Vagina and anus~ugh!  This is real so might as well keep it that way. There's no good way to describe the affects of cancer and the side affects that treatment has on the body.  There I said it, now we can move on~phew!

Today I spent the morning relaxing with my kiddos. Joey just loves Fridays~no school~no rush~no demands~just us being us and being the way we love to be; comfy cozy at home with each other. We colored and they played candy store while I got dressed and ready for my last treatment of the week! I never looked forward to the weekends as I do now! Two days off! Yay!!! My old friend Jean from when I used to work at Tri-County came to visit and took me to my appt and to run a few errands~that was lovely! She has signed herself up to take me every Friday~what a great treat! And before I forget I spent the day yesterday with my Aunt Laurie (the chef) and my cousin Katie who was thrilled to get a free get out of school day! That was a very special and relaxing day and can't wait to see them again. Much love and thank you for all you did!!

So, now I am going to lay down so I can work up the energy to decorate some of my own sock creations. The kids decorated some new ones for me this morning so I will wear those Mon and Tue next week during treatment. Always a way to make it fun! God Bless