Looking back at Day 2

Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009 7:02 PM, EDT
Day 2: Mornings are a little bit slow going. I'm one of those that usually opens my eyes, gets right up and starts the day. Not a minute to waste. Well, not-so-much right now and not by choice. The pain meds and now treatments are making me feel a bit "elderly" in the morning.  No offense, but I am only 30 years old so what else can I compare it to! Just one more thing the Lord is preparing me for later on;-)

Once we got one kid off to school and the other off to Memere's house, we headed to my Oncologist's office in Scarborough. Arrived there with only a minute to spare~I was always early for things before~do not like being late for anything~do not like relying on others...oh my poor husband;-)

After checking in I informed the nurse that I had a crew with me today; my husband and parents joined me for my first chemo treatment~the more the merrier (not convinced of that yet, but certainly do not mind~might has well make it a party when we can, right;-) Hopped up on table and got down to business~nurse entered, I sat still and looked the other way~she took her mini fire extinguisher and sprayed my port site to freeze/numb it~adequately stabbed me with a needle which entered into the port that is already attached to my vein under the skin ( this is how they will be withdrawing blood which will be done weekly and how I receive my chemo medicines and any other iv's that would need to be given as we go along.  The minor surgery it consisted of to have put in beats being poked a thousand times in a week and allowed me to do my chemo at home where I wanted to spend as much time as I could.)

At about 9am I sat in the infusion room where patients go to receive their chemo treatments. Me, being one of the fortunate ones today only had to be there for 40 minutes while they prepped me with some anti-nausea medication and my first chemo med. Next chemo med was hooked up to my pump at 10am. This is a pump with a mini IV bag attached that I carry in a little black fanny pack (waiting to be bedazzled by my mom and daughter~a great Nana and granddaughter project to do while Mommy naps;-) This medicine will release itself every 2 hrs at a time in 5-10 min intervals for 4 days (24 hrs a day). I will go to Maine Med on Sunday at 10am to have the pump taken off and my port flushed until my next chemo treatment during week five of treatment. I feel good so far.
We left Scarborough and headed back to Lewiston for my radiation treatment at 11:45. Which was just a bit longer today to mark some areas in my lymph nodes where we want to be sure the radiation is hitting. Then met with Dr. Jones, my Radiation Oncologist, so he could meet my parents who spent a day in the world of cancer~but still my world just the same...Wasn't so bad, was it?

So, as we were leaving my radiation appt my butt started feeling hot like I had just left the tanning bed (I wish~bring on the bronze pleeeeeaaasssse) and I thought "maybe I accidentally hit the button for the heated seat"... After realizing the heat was not on, it clicked! The radiation is working or at least I'm having an affect from it that hopefully means it's working.

 Today was another great day! I even ended it with a nice stroll with my neighborly friends I love so much. They will have to pick it up a notch for the next lap though! Remember, I'm the Speedy one around here. LOL
When I returned home I was welcomed by another friend and delicious chicken pot pie cooking in the oven! Thank you~was soooooo good. Not sure who's enjoying all these meals more~ me or my dad;-)

Now I'm just sitting here wondering if there is a pain med out there that is really going to give me enough relief to sit comfortably~still not working~and that's when frustration begins to build but I will not let the enemy get a foothold!! Live~Laugh~Love and be strong!