My Sweet Nephew

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I got to see my sweet nephew who was born two months too early. He was born July 20th weighing 4lbs 3oz. All I can say is that God saves and He has sent him here for great purposes. As I watched him breathing I felt a common connection of fighting for survival yet confident and peaceful knowing that we are fighting the good fight together and never alone but with a great big God who loves us more than our humanness can fathom! Oh, Baby Will, you are loved by so many. You are a small bundle of HUGE blessings. Auntie Kylee is praying without ceasing until the day you are brought home and under the same roof as a family should be and then, I will continue to pray and Praise God for the encouragement you have given me to KEEP ON! Love you baby boy-MUAH!! Love and Blessings:-)

Getting Started!

Phew! Not sure what was harder; starting my journey to healing my heart and self of cancer or starting this blog!! LOL

I hope by starting my blog I will find others who have traveled a similiar path that I have set out to take in curing myself of cancer. But not only am I healing from cancer, I have found that since starting this journey it has been more about healing my heart. God has shown me so much along the way and this blog is my attempt to capture those teachings.

Dear Lord, You are bigger, more powerful, and more magnificent than I can imagine.  I place myself in Your hands today.  I will trust You wherever I find myself today, and with whatever comes my way.  I love You, and I know that is because You first loved me.  Help me show others Your amazing love. In Jesus' Name, Amen.