Thinking Back and Thanking God!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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I was driving home from dropping the kiddos off at school and once again I raised my hand in praise thanking God for saving me and reminding me "you will not die, but live!" My stomach fills with butterflies and I get antsy and excited like a little kid waiting for Christmas every time God reveals himself to me and reminds me that I have already been saved!

3 years ago this month (September) I became a Christian. I always thought that you had to grow up going to Church and were just born believing in God. Well, I knew I wasn't one of them. I would see pictures of this man that people called Jesus and I would think to myself, "I can't believe people go to Church, put on certain clothes, act a certain way and spend so much of their weekend talking about a fictional character. There is no proof that this man existed." And oh the thoughts go on. And would you believe it if I told you the very person who led me to the Lord was one of the very people I scoffed at thinking "there go those Church people again", when I would see cars parked outside their home on a beautiful Sunday, thinking, "why do they spend their day talking about someone they don't even know really exists and believing in things that just cannot be true." And that my husband and her family once lived on the same street only years later to be living next door to one another again. And that she was a homemaker with 3 children, one the same age as my son. And that she is one of my biggest supporters, best friends and funniest people I know (well, just one of her laughs makes me smile a hundred times). And that she brought me my very first Bible and I was saved that very same day when I accepted Jesus Christ as my one and only Savior. I must have read it and prayed over and over again just to make sure it worked~LOL! Even though I didn't know how it all worked at the time, God did and He knew of the work that was going to take place from that moment on.

I remember the September day sitting on my porch discussing our children and how much we love them and struggle daily with making the best decisions for them. We were both trying to decide on our children's education for the following year. I was faced with the decision of where to send my son to Kindergarten. Well, you might think that this doesn't seem to be a matter of life or death decision, and no it wasn't, but for me making any choice that affects my family feels much like one, as I'm sure it does to many...then again I've been known to go a little overboard in certain areas of my life. Although depending on who you ask, some would say in all areas of my life;-) Oh, well. Live and learn and still living and still learning:-) And so then she shared with me something or should I say someone, that has helped her when faced with obstacles and making decisions for her family and the Lord led her to share His word with me. And if you are one of those who thinks I go overboard in everything I do, well, you are right and I was on fire! I was ALL about this Book, this man they called Jesus...but wait! " Who's the Holy Spirit and oh ya, what about God, how do they all know each other and what do they all have in common? And how do I pray?!" Oh, I remember the questions, the wanting to know it all and have what they have (I finally learned what coveting was!) but this kind of wanting what they had was OK! As God led me through His pages of truth and I began to know more about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit (the three in one~phew~I wasn't sure I was gonna get that one-lol), studying Him, watching other Christians/believers, things began to click and they have been clicking and are being worked out each and every day! Love Him and love what He has and is doing for me and my life!

And then the day came that I was told I had cancer and I remembering saying "all I want is more time." And He has given me more time. "God has prepared me for this." And He did and He is still doing a work in me! Praise Him right now for that! And praise Him right now that I am already saved!

I have many more moments with God that I will be sharing but for now I have someplace important to be so that a special little girl can meet her daddy for the first time since she was born~Be there in a few Miss Ridley and Lempert family~that's an entirely different story but with one thing in common~GOD AT WORK!

Love and Blessings Everyone~keep on in whatever your battle of the day may be.


Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Heart touching and beautiful Kylee. I've read all of your posts and have been moved by everyone of them. What a beautiful child of God you are! Love you